Links & Affiliates

Below are some sites that we would like to share with you.

CarryaBigSticker Blog Visit the CarryaBigSticker blog for humor, news and commentary related to our liberal bumper stickers. Has not been updated in a long time.

CarryaBigSticker on eBay If you prefer to shop eBay (perhaps to build up your feedback), visit our store on eBay.

CarryaBigSticker on Amazon If you prefer to shop on Amazon, you may want to visit our store on Amazon.  Web promotes books on how to bake artisan bread, how to use a solar cooker, how to can safely and sustainably, and how to grow food in the Southwest Mountains. Also visit Lisa's blog.

Lisa Rayner's Etsy Store Buy hand-made textiles, hand-made jewelry, books by Lisa Rayner and more.

Miracle Caster This site has nothing to do with politics. But it is a great place to buy large chair casters (wheels) that roll easily on carpet or tile. Yes, when we're not selling political bumper stickers, we're selling casters. Don't ask us why. Some kind of split-personality disorder maybe.

The Twin Cities Story Lovers The Twin Cities Story Lovers promote contemporary romantic fiction with annual prizes in a variety of interesting categories.