Dan R. Frazier's Cartoons
I can't draw, but I am getting better at combining clip-art using Photoshop. The images below are not bumper stickers, and I am not selling prints at this time Feel free to circulate these image to your friends on the Web.
NSA Surveilance Cartoon

Playgod Playboy Parody Cartoon

Airport Security Cartoon

If Jesus is Coming, He Better Bring More Oil Cartoon.

Jesus on the cross. Standardized test cartoon.

Our menu options have changed cartoon

Plastic packaging removal cartoon

Wedding Planners without Borders cartoon
This "Wedding Planners Without Borders" cartoon was created in May of 2004 following an incident in Iraq in which Iraqis claimed that a wedding had been attacked in an airstrike. More than 40 were killed. U.S. commanders said that the airstrike was against foriegn fighters. A wedding video later turned up supporting the Iraqi version of events. 
This is not the first time a wedding has been bombed by U.S. forces.  In July of 2002, 48 people at a wedding in Afghanistan died as a result of an airstrike. The U.S. military later determined that the action was justified, claiming that people at or near the wedding fired on the AC-130 gunship that bombed the wedding. 

According to an article by Brendan O'Neil, U.S. forces bombed at least two other Afghan weddings in prior attacks. 

Read a BBC report about the U.S. military's justification for the July 2002 Afghanistan bombing. 



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