Use our images in your e-mail.

Feel free to use the images of stickers you find on the CarryaBigSticker Web site in your e-mail or on your own Web site.  We only ask that you link to this site, or at least mention where you found the images. Scroll down for info on how to include images in your e-mail. 

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Legal stuff

Without getting into a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, the idea is for you to share these images with other folks, and refer them to this site. We still own the rights to the images (unless otherwise noted). You may not print out the images, sell access to the images, or otherwise attempt to make a profit off these images without our express written permission. Of course, if you are an authorized re-seller of CarryaBigSticker merchandise, you may use these images to advertise the merchandise. For more information, write to team (at) CarryaBigSticker (dot) com.

How to include images in your e-mail

Every e-mail program is a little different. However, most are similar when it comes to including images in the messages you send. These general guidelines should be useful regardless of what e-mail system you are using. 

1. Save the image to your computer's hard-drive. Right-click on the image you want to include in your e-mail message. Select "Save Image As." Save the image to a folder or to your desktop. You will need to remember where you saved the image. 

2. Open your e-mail program. Begin composing your message, addressing it to the recipient, filling in the subject line, etc. 

3. With the cursor positioned in the body of the message where you want the image to appear, insert the image. How you do this will depend on the e-mail program you are using. Usually, there will be an option to "insert" or "insert picture." You will then be given an opportunity to locate the image on your computer. You will have to remember where you saved it. In some programs, you will not be able to insert the image into the body of the message unless you first choose to format your message as an HTML document. 

4. Once the image is inserted, send your message as you normally would. 

If you have trouble inserting the image into the body of your message, you may wish to send the image as an attachment. The process is similar to including an image in the body of the message, but slightly different. Look for an option called something like "insert attachment" or "attach file." This is sometimes symbolized by an image of a paperclip. 

One advantage of including images as attachments is that it may be easier for the recipient to forward the message and retain the attachments. Images that are in the body of a message may not display correctly when a message is forwarded. A disadvantage of attachments is that some recipients will be reluctant to open attachments due to concerns about viruses. 

Sticker images are generally available in three sizes on this site: 150 pixels wide, 300 pixels wide, or 500 pixels wide. Use the size that works best for you, or resize the image to suit your needs.

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