Police report on Flagstaff's Chainsaw Massacre 

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Summary prepared by Dan Frazier

Pages 1-7  Report from May 10: Unidentified individual reports that a friend revealed he cut down the trees while drunk and bored, with help from another person. Also, report from April 7, Unidentified individual reports having heard a chainsaw in the area March 9, at 11 a.m. 

Pages 8-13 A false lead from a postal worker who said her son may have done some wood cutting for George Nackard, but the son said he actually had done work for Phil Nackard. Another false lead about a man heard cutting trees at a party. Mayor Joe Donaldson recalls for police his discussion with George Nackard prior to the clear-cutting. Nackard seemed very upset with city staff after the Mayor told him he could not help him to clear-cut the property where George wanted to build a conference center. 

Pages 14-18 More false leads, plus an account of the police interview with the wood cutter who claimed to have done the work for George Nackard. The false leads involved a man who sells wood in Sedona, and a developer whose S.U.V. ran out of gas near the site of the clear-cutting. The account of the interview with the wood cutter who cut the trees includes details about how little he was paid, and how much his wife protested being questioned by police. 

Pages 19-25 Detectives report putting a recording a device on the wood cutter's phone line so the family can record any conversations they may have with George Nackard. A family member shows the detectives caller ID information indicating that George Nackard had called recently. The wood cutter's son recalls his dad's meeting with George Nackard and describes the kind of truck Nackard drove. He also describes Nackard's office. Detectives report on interviewing Nackard at his office. They record the interview, and provide a transcript. Nackard denies knowledge of the "tree caper." He calls the new council members "carpetbaggers."

Pages 26-32 Evidence records and a written statement from the wood cutter and/or his son explaining how Nackard had first made contact with the wood cutter. The wood cutter does not speak English, so his son serves as a translator.

Pages 33-38 Police follow-up on a lead in which man apparently joked to some girlfriends that he had cut the trees. The report then explains how the police were referred to the wood cutter after visiting another hispanic family in the wood cutting business. The narrative provides another account of the detectives' interview with Nackard at his office.  

Pages 39-43  An identical transcript of the interview with George Nackard at his office. Transcript is also found in pages 19-25. Also, subpoena of phone records for George Nackard's company.

Pages 44-48 Phone records for Consolidated Investment Company, Inc. I have blacked out parts of phone numbers as a courtesy to those potentially innocent parties that may have been called by the company.

Pages 49-55 Subpoena of phone records. Evidence records.

Pages 56-59 Report on interview with wood cutter and wood cutter's son, who acted as translator. Wood cutter recalls how he went with Nackard out to a site near Woody Mountain to show him some trees he had cut prior to starting job for Nackard. Wood cutter says he is unsure of the dates he worked for Nackard, but says job took about five days.

Pages 60-66 Witness recalls seeing white van near site of chainsaw massacre. Witness also saw a hispanic man carrying chainsaw near the van. Police report on interviewing employees of nearby businesses about the incident. Few can recall anything of apparent value.

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