About CarryaBigSticker

CarryaBigSticker has been selling top-quality bumper stickers and magnets since 2003. The company started in the living room of Dan, a former film student and newspaper editor. Dan's then-wife encouraged him to develop the business because she thought he had a "bumper-sticker brain." She noticed that he often came up with puns and witty sayings.

The idea then, as now, was to focus on liberal bumper stickers and magnets, which seemed to make sense because Dan and his wife were both liberals. Today Dan is divorced but continues to run the business. He runs his sticker business from Santa Fe, NM. It is still a very small operation, with Dan usually walking or riding his bike to the post office with the day's orders. Dan continues to design most of the company's stickers and magnets.

People sometimes ask where CarryaBigSticker's profits go. Dan would like to know the answer to this question too, as there rarely seems to be much in the way of profits. Anything that looks like it might be profit is usually used to pay down Dan's credit card debt, most of which is related to the expenses of running a not-very-profitable business.

Nonetheless, CarryaBigSticker remains committed to providing the highest quality bumper stickers and magnets. We thank you in advance for your patronage. Dan's credit card companies, to whom is perpetually in debt, also thank you.